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Legal representation
Civil law
Commercial law
Labor law
Penal law and penal commercial law
Intellectual property
Public procurement law
The administrative law
Construction and energy
Real estate
Restitution of real estates

The Law Office provides comprehensive support for civil cases, including but not limited to the field of property law, contract law and inheritance law. Our Team provides drafts of contracts and other legal acts of civil nature (including wills and records).

Law Office provides comprehensive legal services to enterprises in the field of commercial law, which consists of among others:

  • a) drafting of commercial contracts,
  • b) participation in the negotiations,
  • c) establishment, conversion, liquidation and acquisition of companies,
  • d) registration of companies and all of necessary information regarding companies in the National Court Register,
  • e) preparation of the resolutions of shareholders meetings of companies,
  • f) the implementation of the principles of corporate governance.

The Law Office provides assistance in the preparation of documents concerning the establishment and termination of employment. Our Team also provides legal assistance, among others, in terms of:

  • a) opinions on contracts of employment,
  • b) preparation of documents relating to termination of employment,
  • c) preparation of appeals against termination of employment, termination of employment without notice,
  • d) representation of employees and employers in litigation,
  • e) the conduct of affairs for the payment of salary, reinstatement and compensation for unlawful termination of employment,
  • f) comprehensive legal advice in the field of labor law.

We represent both victims and defendants in penal cases as well as penal commercial cases.

The Law Office has extensive experience in providing legal assistance for companies operating in the sector of intellectual property (trademarks, industrial designs, copyright, internet domain). We, among others, provide to Clients current legal advice, including assistance in giving opinions, drafting and negotiating contracts.

The Law Office offers legal assistance at every stage of public procurement, in the course of the procurement proceeding and in the appeal proceedings before the National Appeals Chamber. Our Team supports contractors in preparing and verifying all necessary documents in the proceedings for the award of a public procurement, as well as in giving legal opinions as to the content of the drafts of contracts for public procurement.

The Law Office specializes in administrative law matters, with particular consideration of construction law, spatial management law, management of real estate law and waste management law.

Our Team conducts on behalf of Clients correspondence with public administrations at all levels, in particular in proceedings related to obtaining approvals, permits, licenses and concessions.

The Law Office provides comprehensive legal services for companies in the construction and energy industry. Lawyers prepare and issue opinions on draft of contracts (including EPC), as well as subcontracting agreements. The Law Office offers legal support in all stages of construction and energy projects (also concluded on the basis of FIDIC), from the stage of applying for execution of the project, during the implementation of the project, until the end of guarantee and warranty period (handling of current claims).

The Law Office specializes in administrative proceedings relating to obtaining Polish citizenship. Our Team provides legal assistance, among others, with the following issues related to obtaining of Polish citizenship:

  • a) confirmation of Polish citizenship,
  • b) matters concerning the Polish vital statistic records/certificates (including transcription of foreign vital statistic records/certificates),
  • c) matters related to obtaining Polish passport,
  • d) legal assistance in the research of personal documents in the Public State Archives, the Institute of National Remembrance and the administrative bodies,
  • e) administrative change of last name.

The Law Office provides comprehensive legal assistance in buying, selling, renting and leasing of real estate in Poland (land, residential and commercial premises), both in the primary and the secondary market. Our team helps to verify the legal status of the property as well as diagnose potential risks associated with buying property. Our lawyers also prepare or review the drafts of agreements related to the purchase, sale, rental and leasing of real estate.

The Law Office deals with matters of restitution of real estates. These are matters relating to real estate acquired by the Polish State in pre-second world war period, after second world war until 1989, as well as after 1989. Our lawyers assist clients in recovering real estate or in obtaining compensation for real estate.